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SHIFTY's . S.A.S Motorsport's Auld Escorts
S.A.S Motorsport
Specialists in Mk1, Mk2 Escort Race & Rally Preparation

Here are some pics of our Auld Escorts that we are so passionate about....

(all cars built and prepared by ourselves... S.A.S Motorsport)

AFX 558T: Mk2 RS2000 Grp4 with John Wilcox N/A Cosworth and lots of other snazzy bits n bobs ... This is my baby! lol ...This car took over 5 years to build in between doing other cars and saving up money for parts etc...this car cost me holidays and plenty of overtime at work but **** me she's worth it!!!!

OGB 667M: Mk1 Rally car, MSA Logbooked, Hot 1600 xflow, sideways flying machine

EOO 216H: Mk1 Bigwing Track/Fast road car, Pinto power, 5 linked, coilovers etc... Now in the workshop getting the full S.A.S Motorsport treatment! ... This car getting built into a full rally spec machine and will be MSA booked and out on the stages in 2013!

S.A.S Motorsport is,

S - Shifter
A - Audrey
S - Shifty

Auld Escorts are in our blood...There not just cars - there a way of life
Picture472a.jpg DSCF0393.jpg DSCF0451.jpg DSC_0222.gif 418472_388094421219933_100000581366252_1422164_951 lakes900_9197.jpg _MG_1048er.jpg 549401_232868186819817_117405185032785_381336_3886 AFX1.jpg DSCF4286.jpg
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taffr "where is your car" said David Blunket 13-03-2007
SHIFTY lol ino sorry i cant work out how to get the pics up :( 14-04-2007
SHIFTY Fookin ell...2007 was the last time I was in my vBGarage! lol 18-08-2010

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