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Aled's 1971 Mk1 RS Mexico + 1976 Mk2 RS 2000
1976 MK2 RS 2000:

Owned by me since Jul 1996

The earliest MK2 RS2000 known (to me anyway)
Wheels all date stamped 10/75.
Date of manufacture 7 Dec 1975
Date of registration 13 Jan 1976
Carnival Red
No sunroof
No speaker holes.
SORN'd and Car-Cooned Oct-April.

Now fitted with steel wheels for a change.

Lowered 1" all round .
Janspeed single box exhaust.
Thats it.
Engine bay recently re-vamped back to standard.
Used regularly on tours with CF tours to Europe each year and now a Lakes Tour addict.


Owned since 20 July 2007.
Fantastic bodywork.
Steel Bubble arched.
Ermine white.
Spotless interior.
Type 9 gearbox, Vauxhall red-top engine with Twin 45 Webbers. MBE distributorless ignition.
Single piece prop. Ashley single box exhaust.
8" Minilites and Yokohamas.
I will not be rallying it, but I will be driving it as often as I can and showing it at classic car shows locally.

Fitted with a 1700 crossflow on twin 40's.

New purchase is a 4 door blue 1300 Ghia

Standard in near concourse condition. Restored by Lee Mitchell to the usual high standard.

1984 'A' reg MK2 Transit Rally Barge

Recently built by Lee Mitchell to an exceptional standard.

Ford Motorsport livery.

2.5 Ltr diesel engine.
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Author Comment Date
alminera Nothing will post ! 03-02-2007
alminera Had to reduce the picture size to get it to work. 03-02-2007
marky4 car looks lovely what spec 03-02-2007
alminera Wheels date-stamped 10/75. 04-02-2007
alminera Wheels date-stamped 10/75. 04-02-2007
alminera I'm aving trouble with this....grrrrr 04-02-2007
lee bishop get them go faster bits bought!!! lovelly car btw 05-02-2007
JAVAGREENGUF i love this car!!!!!! 07-02-2007
Dave1800BDA nice early car 11-02-2007
Banishit lovely car 12-02-2007
Nipper2000 Very nice car. beautiful colour. 12-02-2007
grum great car, great pics 16-02-2007
tawelfryn A cracker Aled 25-02-2007
oldskooljoe what a lovely car Aled!!!!! 24-03-2007
hotrs2000 nice car mate;-) 15-05-2007
taffr wicked pic aled , my new desktop 15-05-2007
vtaggart lovely car mate, nice to meet you @ the lakes 16-05-2007
oldskooljoe love the second to last pic al 27-05-2007
lee bishop would benefit from a radio 28-05-2007
andy r love it mate, who needs a radio with a pinto under the bonnet 17-06-2007
marky4 lovely mk1 a beauty 24-07-2007
Nipper Stunning lookin MK1 Aled. very envious ;-) 25-07-2007
vtaggart Lovely car Aled, very nice addition 25-07-2007
oldskooljoe as ive said Al,your mk1 looks stunning 28-07-2007
Mogsmex nice new old pics Aled :) 18-10-2007
richard wilson lovely bubble mark 1 18-10-2007
oldskooljoe it was good to get a go in the mk1 on the trip,really fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19-10-2007
laney you've 2 buities there aled nice to see them in the tour sept 07 09-12-2007
y peril melyn awesome aled cant wait to see the mk1 20-01-2008
paul mann that looks the dogs pods 03-02-2008
aad Great cars, love the big wing. 23-04-2008
qwerty123 Great car 26-04-2008
Gows Cars looking good Aled, like the new Reg 29-04-2008
Andyc I WANT THE MK1 ITS LUSH 08-05-2008
ambls A credit to you, Aled 11-08-2008
paul222 Both cars stunning 25-01-2009
johnrst Very nice both cars 17-02-2009
johnrst Very nice both cars 17-02-2009
eskortRS Really nice Mk1 & Mk2 19-02-2009
Ian A Cars are looking good mate :-) 17-05-2009
RS2000EXPRESS Two great looking cars 10-06-2009
Craig NZ very nice cars 07-10-2009
davydi like the mk1 14-10-2009
zorz mk2 very beautyfull both cars 02-11-2009
rslee those cars are awsome the detail on the engine bay on the mk2 is second to none 14-11-2009
g1wmo lucky boy 13-01-2010
davethorn123 very lucky man, i love the mk1 15-01-2010
davethorn123 very lucky man, i love the mk1 15-01-2010
richyholmes27 id like a quote on your mk1 rs mexico for a wedding if possible (seen picture of the other wedding and the car is stunning.contact me please at rich.holmes@live.co.uk 18-05-2012
Aled Im pleased Liam was happy with the wedding surprise Rich ;-) 05-09-2012

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