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Dave1800BDA's 1977 Escort RS1800
Totally rebuilt everything and totally standard

Plain Jane

and how I thought it was when new

Thanks Kelvin for the photos
DSCF03541[1].jpg 98.jpg DSCF03551[1].jpg DSCF03501[1].jpg DSCF03511[1].jpg DSCF03351-1[1].jpg DSCF03481-1[1].jpg DSCF03531[1].jpg DSCF03491[1].jpg xyd992s016[1].jpg
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Author Comment Date
RS2000CUSTOM Nice Escort Popular you have there ! 10-02-2007
Dave1800BDA thanks Dave, see youve been fiddling again 10-02-2007
martin c Very Nice! 11-02-2007
lee bishop just like my beige 1300, needs a strut brace though........... 11-02-2007
Nipper2000 Top Top car. Very nice. 11-02-2007
alminera Stunning 11-02-2007
marky4 stunning car dave your've done a fantastic job 11-02-2007
JAVAGREENGUF Can i have it?? 11-02-2007
grum my mates brothers uncle's postman has one of these in a slightly different red !!! - lovely mate 14-02-2007
martin c My favourite Pop 14-02-2007
Frosticles I have a red one too..... 18-02-2007
topaz cant be real, they only made white LOL 22-02-2007
jim gracie I know a guy with one that the bonnet shuts,not in red though ;) 23-02-2007
tawelfryn 1100 pop, lol,, lovely Dave, stunning 25-02-2007
RSMeister is it for sale?????? 10-03-2007
Craig m Crackin motor, standard is the way to go....... 18-03-2007
JAVAGREENGUF Again? Can i have it? lol.. 25-03-2007
Dave1800BDA eddie, would look nice with yours ;) 25-03-2007
RS2000&MEXICO i want a 1800 :-( 30-03-2007
oldskooljoe the best!!!!! 09-04-2007
MK II Mark A lovely example of Uncle Henry's best ever car. 04-06-2007
RS2000&MEXICO what more can you say about this car...the only one in the world....stunning the best 12-06-2007
RS_Fiesta Brilliant 06-07-2007
Dermot A lovely car. I was behind it on the Lakes Tour. Cracking. 17-07-2007
rwdrs very tasty mota, and great in red of course ;-) 31-07-2007
paul andrews the nuts,simple as that really.stunner dave 01-08-2007
pockets really nice, well done, im jealous!! 29-11-2007
graham John shouldnt it have stripes or something ??? 04-01-2008
y peril melyn the real deal dave the one and only:) 11-01-2008
tony orrell How much is it? 20-01-2008
Dave1800BDA always open to offers tony 22-01-2008
tony orrell Give me some idea i may be interested. 23-01-2008
Dave1800BDA you have pm tony 26-01-2008
tony orrell I would like to see it sat next to Worthers in my garage. 26-01-2008
tony orrell Excuse the spelling, one glass to many. 26-01-2008
graham John is that a briefcase on the back seat ? 15-02-2008
JAVAGREENGUF last time CAN I HAVE IT??? 20-02-2008
Dave1800BDA GJ youre having a laugh 22-02-2008
Dave1800BDA eddie 2 for 1 its yours ;) 22-02-2008
fast eddie just stunning dave!!! 22-02-2008
aad unique car. Love it! 23-04-2008
Andyc VERY NICE CAR 02-05-2008
Andyc even better in the flesh 12-07-2008
IYK000 Love it horn 12-07-2008
oldskooljoe dont ever sell this car son,it belongs with you !!!!! 09-01-2009
beeRS OMG I'd hack off my right arm for this car (but then I couldnt drive it!) 06-04-2009
jonespower VERY NICE CAR , STUNNING 15-06-2009
davydi nice 14-10-2009
Davecos4x4 stunning Dave. 10-01-2010
davethorn123 I want a BDA really bad!! 16-01-2010
DPM Beautiful 29-03-2010
rs ada very nice.......... 11-05-2010
GCATPETE Stunning real nice car 11-07-2010
rsclassicman lovely wee motor mate, i'd love an RS1800.... 09-10-2010
big_mick First class looking car ya have there .... 24-03-2011
kas750 Blummin Lovely...I am in awe!!! 09-12-2011
Nobbyb66 Looks like I hit the nail on the head eh? Wasnt til I looked in your garage I realised?! 15-02-2013
Dave1800BDA lol cheers for that keep searching there :) 16-02-2013
paulrs2 Dave1800BDA--I'm Paul with rs2000 signal orange concours understand Marcus is trying to get hold of me any chance on passing on my email to him cheers Paul Paul.w8lch@btinternet.com. Sorry to have put this on here but couldn't email u direct thanks again Paul welch 18-08-2013

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