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grum's 1979 ESCORT RS2000
got a wee project going on starting spring 2011
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Author Comment Date
taffr can't wait to see this in the flesh 10-02-2007
Dave1800BDA fuel bills, looks like its doing 100mph stood still, nice Graham 10-02-2007
marky4 me wants one it's lovely 10-02-2007
lee bishop looks like a capri from here 11-02-2007
Banishit One and only X Pack I would want ummmmm 12-02-2007
Kel one day, lovely car ! 13-02-2007
Dave1800BDA do the stripes make it go faster;) 22-02-2007
jim gracie 'tis a thing of beauty that,loverly ! 23-02-2007
tawelfryn coool!!! 25-02-2007
Dave1800BDA good upgrade Graham, did used to be black;) 09-03-2007
alminera V Nice.....X-Packs are growing on me......mmmmm 09-03-2007
Nipper2000 Lovely car Graham. Nice pic @ Castle Coombe too. 16-04-2007
turimping Is it the demo/press car used by Ford in the CCC magazines? 17-07-2007
grum turimping - no it isnt - thats the Moorlands cari think you are refering to 19-07-2007
oldskooljoe lovely car,saw it at coombe 28-07-2007
rsr764s very nice fella it's looking well! 01-12-2007
RS2kSX very nice, beige is better 12-12-2007
graham John what did you have for lunch today ? 07-01-2008
Andyc looks like mine but better (a lot) 28-06-2008
TheDane Oh yes, it looks so sweet Grum. 10-10-2008
RS2000EXPRESS A very slick looking car this! 10-06-2009
Raver1300Sport Grum, lovely motor, out of all the x-packs at the shows, this is my fav! 11-06-2009
grum sold November 2010 11-01-2011
Nipper Wee bit of work to do there G : - ) 03-02-2011
grum sold again ...... then again .... then ruined ....... and sold ..... can i have it back now please ....... ta 03-01-2017
grum ....... don't want it back now ........ moved on !!!!! 28-03-2017

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