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RS2000CUSTOM's 1979 Ford Escort MKII RS2000 Custom
Just Testing - lol
reb99.JPG sprint7.jpg
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Author Comment Date
lee bishop missing some crucial parts there dave 02-02-2007
topaz Hovercraft 02-02-2007
marky4 something doesn't look right i know to high needs lowering 02-02-2007
alminera Is that in Liverpool? 02-02-2007
Dave1800BDA same wheels as a skater 02-02-2007
Mexicomark "Apparently it handles like a shopping trolley" 03-02-2007
DazRS2K Nice wish mine was at that stage 04-02-2007
taffr which one does it look like at the moment 10-02-2007
Dave1800BDA is ricky sitting in the boot 22-02-2007
tawelfryn nice sideways shot there, nice car 25-02-2007
hotrs2000 wheres you headlight covers !!!!! 18-02-2008
aad lovely car. Very good. 23-04-2008
Andyc must live near brum as all the bits have been nicked 12-07-2008
Davecos4x4 very nice and Daves not scared use hard either! :) 23-12-2008
Scooter very nice RS 27-02-2009
sean good car (keep drifting) 02-10-2009
zorz mk2 unbelivable black! 01-11-2009
skye very promising! whats under the hood? 29-05-2010

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