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KelvinS1965 23-05-2009 11:37

RS2000 Mk2 Freshen up.
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I already posted in the noobies section, but I'll post in here for the rest of the job: It needs inner wing repairs, but I want to do it properly, hence the delay in me getting round to starting it (8 years of DIY and kids has taken my time too :)). As it's been stood the brakes have seized and the exhaust has holed ( I plan a new stainless steel one for it). I'll do the local repairs to the paintwork (surface rust to rear arches, flaking paint under the back bumper and any caused by the welding repairs).

It should then stand another buff up using my trusty 'proffesional' buffer/polisher (best thing I bought, saves hours of hand cutting/polishing :)). Hopefully once it's back on the road, I'll continue with a sort of rolling restoration and improve the engine bay and underneath, probably search for a good local sprayer to do a full respray in 2 pack eventually. I'd love to spray it myself, but cellulose is so expensive these days and I doubt it is anymore durable than I remember from over 10 years ago. I've done about 20 cars (part and full resprays) but I might just have to satisfy myself with the prep and the final polish, leaving a pro to do the bit in between.:o

Not sure which photos I've uploaded so I'll just do a couple now and add more once I've taken some fresh ones.

grum 23-05-2009 11:41

looks a good project

keep the pics rolling in :)

Aled 23-05-2009 12:04

Good luck with it.... :) More pics as and when :D

KelvinS1965 23-05-2009 12:16

Thanks guys, still suffering with cracked ribs since last weekend's fall (putting up my toolboard) so I'm reduced to web browsing duties, hence adding the pictures today. Hoping to be well enough next weekend to remove the old chest freezer that's getting in my way, then I can start in earnest. I'm guessing the nose cones screws are going to take some undoing after 30 years. :rolleyes: I figure I'll have to take the doors off to drill the wing's spot welds out too, just thought of that one....I hate taking doors off (at least I have some NOS door pins to put back in afterwards).

You wouldn't believe the number of parts and tools I've rediscovered clearing out the garage to start this job. I even found a stick of lead and the flux that I bought to do some lead loading once; it worked pretty well (I lead loaded a badge recess on a Cavalier bonnet to 'convert' into the later type on a write off I rebuilt a few years ago). It withstood the bonnet being slammed (usually in anger after I'd found some other expensive part I needed to fix it :D), so I figure it was a job well done. I don't think there is anywhere on the RS that will warrant lead loading though. I found my door pin removal tool too, so that will come in handy. Trouble is I'll need a second garage to put all of the parts in while I'm working. :rolleyes:

mexicostids 24-05-2009 13:42

looks a great project m8 . mk2 doors are bolt on so that will save u a bit of aggro ! & the wing is held to the a pst with three 10mm bolt headed self tappers too hope this helps.

graham John 24-05-2009 18:28

good luck, keep the pics coming


KelvinS1965 22-06-2010 15:34

Underseal, smoothrite or stone chip?
Blimey, a year on and I've still not really done anything more. I made a start taking off the nose cone, but snapped most of the bolt heads despite weeks of spraying with plus gas/WD40/whatever. Hoping to get back on with it again soon (another bout of DIY got in the way since my last post :o).

Just thinking that while I've got the outer wings off to do the inner wing repars, I'll have good access to the underarch area. I'm torn between scrapping off the old underseal and painting with smoothrite or similar/stonechip oversprayed with black gloss (the car is black)/reunderseal with modern equivalent. The underneath is in pretty much rust free condition due to being dry use only since 1985 or so (all the more annoying that I've got two 3" holes in the inner wings more due to condensation I think). I'd still use a wire brush on my angle grinder to clean up the odd bit of surface rust, then treat with bondaprimer or similar before top coating.

Just looking for opinions for longer term how it would put people off or not depending on the choice of finish? Stone chip oversprayed gloss black wouldn't look a lot different to fresh underseal, but I figure the later would be more durable if a future owner didn't want to worry about using it in wet weather. Also as I'll be doing it in stages, blending on corners/edges might be difficult compared to underseal.

mk2ddc 22-06-2010 16:29

Nice project mate :)

wetandwindy2 22-06-2010 21:56

hi Kelvin ,nice resto see now you ll have to get the finger out :D

vlv991v 22-06-2010 22:09

Best of luck with your resto Kelvin, looks very similar to mine which should be starting about the same time. I shall be keeping an eye on this one as we seem to have the same car in pretty much the same condition.

KelvinS1965 14-03-2011 13:58

Oh dear, still haven't done anything on this. :o At least the DIY in the house is now all done, so the OH hasn't got any excuses to stop me getting on with this. However, I need to dig the car out of the garage as it's full of boxes and other rubbish. Then a bit of tidying up to clear some space. At least it's getting warmer as I'm well past the times of laying on a cold concrete floor in the middle of winter. :)

Just trying to find out about the correct fuel pipe as mine leaks where it joins to the carb. I've replaced it once and it still leaks, so wonder if I bought the wrong size.

I mostly got the nose cone off last time but snapped nearly all of the lower bolt heads despite soaking with plus gas, etc. I hope I'll be able to repair/replace them once it's off the car.

Going to need the following:

Repairs to both inner wings next to strut plate.
Brakes (had new master cylinder last time it was on the road, but the front calipers have seized. Probably will replace all the flexies, rear cylinders, plus exchanged calipers.
Exhaust has blown near the back, but I think I'll replace the whole lot with a stainless one. Not sure if Janspeed ones are decent (don't want to be deafened, so if there's an alternative, someone please let me know).
Radiator and probably all the hoses.
I have a new steering rack in the boot, so may as well fit this, plus some bushes I bought for the rear suspension.
A good wash and clean. :D
See what the MOT man says after I've done the above.

vlv991v 15-03-2011 01:04

Good to see you back Kelvin. Best of luck with your progress.

mike77cos 16-03-2011 17:53

Looks good

south west restorations 16-03-2011 21:25

nice one keep up the good work m8...

KelvinS1965 20-03-2011 23:12

Cleared the garage out today and put an old kitchen wall unit on the wall to keep some bits in out of the way. I charged up the battery, but it didn't want to start despite fuel and sparks. I wonder if the petrol is stale (had this once with a friend's Lotus). I'll get a can of fresh unleaded tomorrow and see if that helps. Need to finish getting the nose cone off so I can take the wings off to start cutting out the rot and letting in fresh metal...I'll add photos once I get to this point. :)

KelvinS1965 21-03-2011 19:19

He Hey, got it running again. :thumbright: Put 5 litres of fresh fuel in the tank and that seemed to do the trick. Just need to check I've got all the nose cone bolts and screws undone on the off side, so I can move it over to work on the near side (wish I had a double garage :)). Once the cone is off I'll be able to start removing the front wings to get at the inner wing repair...then the real fun starts. :)

KelvinS1965 23-03-2011 23:14

Moved it over and started trying to free off the nearside nose cone fixings...plenty of plus gas and a bit of patience needed I think. Seeing the other threads on here makes me grateful for the amount of welding I'm going to need to do: I'm hoping to refit the original wings as there's no rust on them that I can tell, though I will clean them up (and the bits I can get to while they're off the car) before refitting.

I've priced up and located most of the bits I know I'm going to need and it's not as scary as I thought, so I hope to have some left over for niceties like getting the custom badge for the dash (it was missing when my parents bought the car in 1980) and maybe treat it to some new door cards without speaker holes (can't believe the price on those though :eek:).

KelvinS1965 26-03-2011 12:45

Some pictures
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I know we all like pictures, so I thought I'd add a couple of the 'before' pictures so I can look back on these later this year (he says confindently :)). As the nearside has been tight against the wall for the last few years I hadn't noticed the bottom of the door bubbing up. The driver's door is much better and looks like it just needs a touch with the wire brush to clean it up...not sure I'll get away with this long term on the nearside door. I don't want to get into reskining the door this year as it'll just be a further delay in getting it back on the road. Likewise I'm planing on localised paintwork and a through buffing up to make it presentable, with a view to a further rolling restoration later on and eventual full respray: Much as I'd like to do this myself (having sprayed over 20 cars in the past) I may just do the prep and pay for a good quality job with 2 pack.

I'd like to give it a good wash, but pulling it out on the drive might attract unwanted attention, so it'll have to wait until I've sorted some insurance out: Getting it pinched is one thing, but having no cover as well. :eek:

mk2ddc 26-03-2011 14:29

No disrespect mate but if I was you I`d be on the phone now trying to get some insurance.
There is just no way I`d have that in the garage with no cover :eek::eek:
For peace of mind at least if nothing else

KelvinS1965 26-03-2011 14:33

As it's been in there for 10 years even my neighbours seem to have forgotten it's in there so I've been a bit lax in insuring it. Plus I only paid a grand for it :eek: but the deal with my parents is that if I ever sell it in future then I split whatever I get for it over that cost.

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